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- How to play
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On June 14, 1949, The American Space Program launched a monkey onboard a V2 Rocket.

The rocket reached an altitude of 83 miles, making “Albert II” the first monkey in space.

It was claimed that Albert II did not survive the trip and died when parachutes failed to open and the nose cone impacted the ground.

Little did they know, the remains recovered from the wreckage was not Albert II. . . . . . .

The monkey has been unleashed !
Travel through space and stand against the torments of "Albert II" as he unleashes balls of fun.

Rollerdex offers both an exciting challenging mode and 2 Players Vs mode to satisfy players who thrive on matching colours and solving puzzles.

Players must drop balls down and release balls up to match 3 or more of the same color either horizontally or vertically.

Fun puzzles and exciting challenges awaits you as you journey through space to catch Albert II.

Hours of fun and family safe.


Seesoar provides different modes of gameplay:
1 Player game, 2 Player Vs. 2 players can challenge each other splitscreen.
Simple to play, hard to master !

SeeSoar is available to download for FREE.

Click on the download link below to try Seesoar completely FREE !


How to play - Learn more about the game

Screenshots - More screen captures of game levels


Download Now
Download FREE version Seesoar
(No credit card required !)

Minimum system requirements

Win 98SE/ME/200/XP
Pentium III - 500Mhz
64MB Ram
16MB Graphics Card
(1024x768 Resolution)
16-bit Color
DirectX 8.0

Buy Now
Purchase FULL version Seesoar

Full version features

Over 50 Challening Levels !
More Powerups.
More Bonus Levels.
Extra options in 2P Vs Mode
Hours of addictive fun.
Unlimited plays, no time limits.
Your chance to catch Albert II and SPANK him !


(Windows and DirectX are exclusive trademarks of Microsoft)

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