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- How to play
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How to play

This page provides basic instructions on how to play Rollerdex.
You can also find game instructions as well as a live demo within the game itself under "Instructions" on the main menu.
For more tips & strategies, visit the Rollerdex Forum.


Game Modes
1P Challenge Advance levels in this mode by matching and destroying balls and moving all balls past the green line.
If balls past the red line, you lose.
1P Puzzle Solve set puzzles by moving balls and set chain reactions with the number of moves allowed. The goal is to destroy all balls on the levels within the set moves.
2P Vs 2 Players challenge each other head-to-head in a splitscreen battle. Balls destroyed by one player is released into the opponent's screen.


Basic Gameplay
Activate trapdoors to move balls around. Balls above doors will drop down and rotate other balls around the platform.

Highlighted balls indicate direction of ball movement.

Rotate balls around and match 3 or more balls of same color to destroy the balls.

Balls from upper platforms will roll down and fill spaces left from destroyed balls, this may set off a chain reaction.

Move all balls past the green line to win the level (in challenge mode).
Don't let balls reach the red line .

To activate Marker balls and powerups, match balls of any color next to a Marker ball or powerup.

Destroy all Marker balls in the level to activate the green line to complete the level.


Marker Balls
Marker ball Destroy marker ball to activate the green line and complete level.


Power Balls
Rightmost Destroyer Destroys all balls to the right of position.
Leftmost Destroyer Destroys all balls to the left of position.
Freeze Frost Destroys all balls on the same row.
Green Lightning Destroys all balls on its vertical line.
Da Bomb Destroys balls in a concentric circle to the it.
Karma Chameleon Destroys all balls of the color matched next to.
Abductor (a.k.a UFO) Sends UFO to abduct balls.
You've Been Served Destroys balls of color with most numbers.
Mo Time Adds more time .
The Bottom Line Destroys all balls at the bottom row.


Misc & Game Tips

In-game keys:
P - pause game
Escape - Quit to main menu

Extra life at: 250,000 pts, 500,000 pts, 750,000 pts

Match 4 balls to get 2x score. Chain reactions increase score multiplier.
Matching balls at upper levels does not affect positions of balls at bottom layer (but not vice-versa).
Use Powerballs wisely, some powerballs have more effect when used at certain positions on the platform.


Download Now
Download FREE version Rollerdex
(No credit card required !)

Minimum system requirements

Win 98SE/ME/200/XP
Pentium III - 500Mhz
64MB Ram
16MB Graphics Card
(1024x768 Resolution)
16-bit Color
DirectX 8.0

Buy Now
Purchase FULL version Rollerdex

Full version features

All 50 Levels 1P Puzzle mode.
All 38 Levels 1P Challange mode.
All 38 Levels 2P Co-op mode.
More Powerups.
More Bonus Levels.
Unlimited plays, no time limits.
Your chance to catch Albert II and SPANK him !


(Windows and DirectX are exclusive trademarks of Microsoft)

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